5 ships suspects in illegal grain transportation from Ukraine

According to data collected by Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture and confirmed by photos and ships AIS track and records, 5 ships, including 4 bulk carriers and 1 general cargo ship, are engaged in transportation of grain allegedly stolen from Ukraine, via Sevastopol Port, Crimea. 3 ships are Russia flagged, 2 are Syria flagged, they’ve been deployed since early May, at least. Understood all countries refused the grain shipped from Sevastopol, so Russia has to ship it via Syria in covert manner, switching off AIS and fixing records. Understood as well, that the origin of grain can be proved by analysis and grain characteristics.

  • Bulk carrier MATROS POZYNICH, IMO 9573816, dwt 28351, built 2010, flag Russia
  • Bulk carrier MATROS KOSHKA, IMO 9550137, dwt 28434, built 2009, flag Russia
  • Bulk carrier MIKHAIL NENASHEV, IMO 9515539, dwt 28419, built 2009, flag Russia
  • Bulk carrier FINIKIA, IMO 9385233, dwt 18908, built 2009, flag Syria
  • General cargo ship SOURIA, IMO 9274331, dwt 12716, built 2004, flag Syria

Source: https://www.fleetmon.com/

Photo: https://www.marinetraffic.com/