SEA DIAMOND CREW COMPANY is a crewing company registered in accordance with Ukrainian law and staffed by experienced personnel who are able and willing to work.

Our crewing company has extensive experience in the management system and the quality with various ship owners. Our office is located in Izmail (Ukraine).

We have strong business relationship with reputable ship owners from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria. Presently we have extended our connection and we are sending crew members to companies based in Netherlands, Norway and Germany.

Sea Diamond Crew Company has contacts with many marine educational institutions of Ukraine and can provide young, skilled professionals and students for shipowners. Our database includes more than 25 000 crew members of various ranks from different regions, which is updated daily.

We have the experience in the management of the ship’s crew of various types of vessels: container vessels, general cargo, various types of tankers, bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels and offshore fleet.