Our Company recruit qualified specialists for all kinds of services:

  • from simple repair to engineering projects,
  • maintenance and repair of main and auxiliary machines, diesel generators,
  • maintenance and repair of separators,
  • hydraulic system repairs,
  • all types of welding: gas, electrical, semi- automatic etc.

Our candidates have an experience of serving in our local Shipyards in positions of welder, turner, fitter, repairman (locksmith), so that they have not only good theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in their professions.

Our experienced candidates  can perform all kinds of repair works on board of the vessel:

  • overhaul of the main engines (2-stroke, 4- stroke), Wartzila, SKL, Sulzer, Shkoda, Mitsubishi, Volva Penta etc.,
  • dismantling and cleaning of the suction and exhaust collectors,
  • dismantling and cleaning of all coolers,
  • removing, dismantling and cleaning of the cylinder covers, overview, grinding valves, replacing cylinder liner bushings, fitting;
  • the cylinder sleeve:
  • review, measurements, cleaning;
  • removing of crank bearings, pistons, cleaning, replacing rings, the driveshaft, taking of measurements, replacement of ram bearings;
  • build of the engine, setting gaps, cleaning of the turbine, the bottom outboard fittings, inspection of valves, grinding if needed;
  • pumps – detection and repair;
  • compressor – cleaning and repair;
  • steering machine – replacement of hydraulic cylinder cuffs, diagnostics of pumps, valves;
  • locksmith work;
  • preparation of blanks for welding and installation;
  • deck mechanisms.

They can also obtain all the welding operations, such as deck and engine welding, deck replacement, replacements of layers, ballast system, metal constructions repair, pipelines (fuel, water, vapor) welding works, cutting, changing steel plates on the hull.

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