Tanker fire in Azov sea

Understood tanker was to be dry docked at Temryuk port and at the time fire broke out, was entering ship repair yard basin. Fire disabled the ship, pilot on board anchored tanker in basin, but later, because of threat of explosion, took AHMET TELLI to outer anchorage, with tugs assistance. As of morning Jul 13, remained at anchor.

Fire erupted in engine room of tanker AHMET TELLI at Temryuk port, Azov sea, Russia, in the evening Jul 9. Circumstances unclear, information given in statement issued by Russian Salvage Agency is so confused that it’s almost impossible to find out how it happened, what was tanker’s status at the time of fire, and what followed. Understood tanker was taken or moved to Temryuk outer anchorage, where she lost anchor, circumstances unknown. Tanker underwent dry docking prior to fire, understood in Temryuk, so all tanks were degassed and didn’t contain any cargo or residues. Fire was extinguished with the help of Russian Salvage Agency local branch firefighters. Tanker’s Chief Officer inhaled toxic fire emissions and had to be hospitalized, injures said to be not life-threatening. AIS is on, as of 1320 UTC Jul 12 tanker remained at anchorage.

Source and Photo: Fleetmon.com