Ukraine attacked gas platforms with missiles, Black sea

Ukraine military attacked three gas platforms with missiles in the morning Jun 20 in Black sea, in Ukrainian exclusive economic zone waters.

There were 109 people on board of stricken platforms, 5 were injured and later hospitalized, 7 went missing, the rest were to be evacuated. No information on platforms damages extent, it is known though, that missile explosions caused fire. All three platforms belong to ChernomorNefteGaz company, based in Crimea. All three platforms are said to be “confiscated” by Russia in years 2014-2015 after Crimea was annexed by Russia. According to Crimea officials, gas pipes were closed and sealed to prevent fire spread.

Legally speaking, Ukraine strikes three platforms which belong to Ukraine and were hijacked; in Ukrainian exclusive economical zone, where those platforms were illegally producing gas from Ukrainian gas fields. Ukraine says that most probably, stricken platforms can be identified as PETR GODOVANETS, UKRAINE and TAVRIDA.