Worldwide port and aviation restrictions due to war in Ukraine

BIMCO helps members navigate measures affecting crew change in the wake of the war in Ukraine. While sanctions have restricted  airborne crew change and Russian ships are banned from ports in a number of countries, Ukrainian citizens have been given visa exemptions by many countries. These exemptions provide much-needed flexibility.

Via an IMO circular letter no. 4525, the Ukrainian government has informed that the following measures are in force:

1.  Navigation in the territorial sea of Ukraine and access to seapoгts of Ukraine is prohibited to:

  • Vessels flying the flag of the Russian Federation;
  • Vessels whose owner, ship-owner, paгticipants (shareholders, members) ог ultimate beneficiaries of the owners ог ship-owners аге citizens of the Russian Federation, legal entities registered in the territory of the Russian Federation or natural and legal persons subject to special economic and other restrictions measures (sanctions) in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “Оп Sanctions”;

2. The entry of ships flying the flag of Ukraine into the poгts of the Russian Federation is prohibited.

As of 9 March, Russian ships are restricted from entering the ports and/or waters in the following areas:

The Ukrainian government has circulated guidelines on hot and cold lay-up via IMO circular letter no. 4534. Notably, section 3 on “Safety Lay-up locations” outlines that “it cannot be argued that the ports of Ukraine are a safe place in full. However, due to hostilities, for ensure the safety of the civilian population and to preserve the port infrastructure the port of Ukraine were closed both for the entry of ships and for the exit”.

Source: Bimco